Aug. 27th, 2008

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Okay, first off: How much does this team rock? Because I think it totally rocks! We are so gonna win this thing! (See, Caers? This team rocks so much, it even taught me where to put the o instead of the u!)

Well, we have a day or two of lull before the big postings start, so I thought we might want some more "Yay! We Still Rock" events in between. The Pornlets are still going on ::pokes everyone else::, but with Z's permission, I thought I might start something else to run at the same time.

So without further ado, we have our very own Drabble Tree Of Ultimate Whimsy! It'll run from Noon Today (Wednesday PST) until Noon Friday (PST). Rules are simple:
  • Each new drabble (of whatever length, we aren't gonna be a stickler about this, after all, it's about whimsy!) needs to quote a line from a previous drabble. Full sentences, or even just fragments of one, are fine for inspiration.
  • Be sure you reply directly to the drabble that you were inspired by, and put the quoted words into your subject line.
  • Drabbles can be about anything, and do not need to be related in anyway to any other drabble being posted, just go where the Whimsy takes you!

And so to start you off, Let The Drabble Tree of Ultimate Whimsy Commence! )

Whimsy For The Win!  \drabbles/

ETA: Drabble tree is now closed. Thank you guys! So much fun! ::tosses sprkels:: The drabbles can be read in the comments.

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I wrote two fics for this, but the other one is the one that jumped all over me. So I'm giving you my cracky fic, with hugs and sparkles for all of you because you are all so amazing.
Thanks, Torra, for all your input and suggestions. You were brilliant helping me with this.

No porn, there's always language, there's even swearing. K/V. I'm a little weirded out that I wrote two K/V fic, and I doubt it will ever happen again.

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Okay so 2387 words still counts as a pornlet right? I mean there is porn in it, there really is. And it's dragon related porn...sorta. If you read it you will find out. To say more would spoil it.

Anyway it's F/V. It's NC-17 for obvious reasons. There are possibly a few typos and grammatical mistakes as it was written tonight in about two hours. Some possible sap at the very end.

I'm not sure about the title. My other options include Fire Breathing Cops and Burning Up the Bed. But those made me groan.

Enjoy! *points to icon*

Burning Up )


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