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Okay, first off: How much does this team rock? Because I think it totally rocks! We are so gonna win this thing! (See, Caers? This team rocks so much, it even taught me where to put the o instead of the u!)

Well, we have a day or two of lull before the big postings start, so I thought we might want some more "Yay! We Still Rock" events in between. The Pornlets are still going on ::pokes everyone else::, but with Z's permission, I thought I might start something else to run at the same time.

So without further ado, we have our very own Drabble Tree Of Ultimate Whimsy! It'll run from Noon Today (Wednesday PST) until Noon Friday (PST). Rules are simple:
  • Each new drabble (of whatever length, we aren't gonna be a stickler about this, after all, it's about whimsy!) needs to quote a line from a previous drabble. Full sentences, or even just fragments of one, are fine for inspiration.
  • Be sure you reply directly to the drabble that you were inspired by, and put the quoted words into your subject line.
  • Drabbles can be about anything, and do not need to be related in anyway to any other drabble being posted, just go where the Whimsy takes you!

And so to start you off, Let The Drabble Tree of Ultimate Whimsy Commence!

Ray groaned, dropping heavily into the over-padded chair. "I hate you. I hate your whole family. You all suck."

Fraser nodded with long practice, "Yes, Ray, I know." He leaned down to gently lift Ray's feet up onto the matching stool before pulling a warm knit blanket (a gift from Frannie which she insists she made herself and Fraser had decided not to comment on the small sip of white paper receipt he'd also found in the box upon it's arrival) over Ray's feet, tucking it up around his hips.

"No, I mean it. You all suck beyond words here, Fraser."

"Yes, Ray, I heard you." he walked around to the back of the chair, leaning Ray forward just enough to slide a small, flat pillow behind his back. "It is, after all, the same thing you've been saying for the last eight months."

Ray twisted around to glare at him, and Fraser realised he may not have mumbled that last part quite as quietly as he hand intended.

Ray's eyes narrowed, "I hate you all." He threw himself back into the seat, blowing out a hard breath. From across the room, Dief whinnied, looking at Ray. Ray sighed, "Alright, Mutt, not you, you didn't do this."

Ray spun again, pointing his finger fiercely at Fraser, "But you? You don't get to talk to me for another few weeks, you hear me?"

Fraser nodded and sighed again, "Perhaps I'll go see if Dr. Broanson has any further ideas on how to help with the ankle swelling, shall it?"

Ray glared and settling deeper into the chair with a wiggle of his shoulders, "Yeah." he grumbled, folding his arms around the swell of his belly, "Yeah, you go do that, Ben."

Whimsy For The Win!  \drabbles/

ETA: Drabble tree is now closed. Thank you guys! So much fun! ::tosses sprkels:: The drabbles can be read in the comments.

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(Also? LOL I just posted my other fic)

Ray's eyes narrowed. "I hate you all." He pointed up at Fraser, at Welsh, at Vecchio; and god, at least Stella wasn't here. But more than he hated them, he hated the way his voice squeaked.

Vecchio lost it and whirled away, clutching his stomach as he laughed; even Welsh cracked a smile. Fraser, oh thank you for Mounties, leaned down and carefully lifted Ray in his cupped hands.

"Well, she did warn you, Ray," he reminded. "She said--"

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Fraser, oh thank you for Mounties, leaned down and carefully lifted Ray in his cupped hands, then closed his eyes and licked from root to tip.

"At last," Ray breathed out. "I really was gonna die of waiting."

Fraser paused motionless, eyes still closed, as if assessing evidence, cataloguing every nuance of taste. "Interesting."

"Fraser, I do not want to be 'interesting'. I want to be 'Oh God, Ray, you taste so good'."

"Well, Ray, you do taste good, but it's interesting the way your new flavours echo the rainbow you fell through. There's strawberry here and orange here." He licked careful horizontal stripes. "Banana, lime, blueberry, plum. But I'm not sure what flavour this is here."

Fraser took the head of Ray's penis in his mouth and slurped. "Grape, perhaps?" Ray groaned.
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Fraser paused motionless, eyes still closed, as if assessing evidence, cataloguing every nuance of taste. "Interesting."

Ray's head rolled back, landing on Ray's shoulder, and it was a good thing Ray was back there, holding him up, because Ray didn't think he could stand on his own two feet just yet. Or maybe ever. Not after that.


"Shh," said Ray. "Benny just needs a little more, and then he's done."

"He can have it all," Ray said, turning his head just enough so that he could lose himself in Fraser's eyes.

"Thank you kindly, but I prefer to leave most of your blood where it is," he said, cupping Ray's rapidly hardening cock as he bent his head down to take another drink from Ray's neck.
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Ray's head rolled back, landing on Ray's shoulder. It was a close call but he fielded it. "Jeez, Kowalski," he said, plopping the head back on the confused stump of Kowalski's neck and flipping the clasps closed, "How many times I gotta tell you, check your fastenings before you sneeze?"

Kowalski reached up and grasped his head giving it a sharp twist. Ray heard it click into place and winced. Every. Time.

"A million? Three million and fifty two? WhatEVER, Vecchio, they keep coming undone, it's shoddy workmanship."

Ray sighed and fixed Kowalski's shirt collar so that the join was invisible. "I know. We're already suing the Mint and the County Hospital, we got nothing until that check comes through, then I promise you, Switzerland and that doctor Benny was telling us about. Ensteen. Frank Ensteen. Yeah, that's it. You'll be good as new in no time."

"Would be nice to get a blowjob without my head falling off is all," said Kowalski, pulling the sad pout Ray could never resist.

"You will, Stanley, you will," he said, leaning in - very carefully - to kiss Kowalski's sulky lips and patting his cotton-covered dick. "Got the bags packed and everything. We're ready to bolt." He smothered a smile.

"I will stab you with a steely knife," threatened Kowalski.

"Yeah, but you just can't kill this beast," Ray tossed over his shoulder as he headed for the door. "I might be late tonight and I won't have time to call. If you don't hear from me, don't lose your head."

His arm could feel the shock from the boot hitting the door as he closed it behind him all the way to the car.


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