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Okay so 2387 words still counts as a pornlet right? I mean there is porn in it, there really is. And it's dragon related porn...sorta. If you read it you will find out. To say more would spoil it.

Anyway it's F/V. It's NC-17 for obvious reasons. There are possibly a few typos and grammatical mistakes as it was written tonight in about two hours. Some possible sap at the very end.

I'm not sure about the title. My other options include Fire Breathing Cops and Burning Up the Bed. But those made me groan.

Enjoy! *points to icon*

Burning Up

Ray Vecchio was hot, Fraser mused. Not just in the metaphorical sense either. He was a very attractive man, that was true, why else would Fraser currently be lying in said man's bed? Well, perhaps man was the wrong term. The real reason why one could say Ray Vecchio was hot was not just that his skin was always warm to the touch, but that he was, well, a dragon.

Of course being a dragon perhaps posed some difficulties in romantic and sexual relations, but as Ray was able to take human form it didn't seem to be an insurmountable problem. Indeed, when he had first met the acquaintance of one Ray Vecchio, Fraser had assumed that he was as human as himself. A rather unfortunate incident in a warehouse whilst trying to apprehend some criminals had revealed Ray's true nature. It was a pity the perpetrators had ended up with that many stitches but they had been shooting at Ray.

Fraser, though, had seen past the teeth, the claws, and the rather attractive green scales, to the man, well, personality, beneath. He hadn't been sure about asking a dragon on a date so he was rather glad said dragon had asked first. Fraser had wondered if he'd been interesting enough, given he was a human being and didn't posses any of the attributes Ray had. His teeth were sharp enough to cut softened leather to sew with but not to rip meat from bone.

Still, tonight was the night. After a month of dating, which had included an unfortunate incident at the aquarium (apparently dragons and sharks didn't get on), Ray had finally agreed they could take things further. Fraser was touched Ray had such concern for his well being. He still vividly remembered their first kiss.

They had come back from a very nice restaurant, neither of them in the mood for barbecue and so they had chosen Chinese (it helped the Chinese revered dragons and the meal was on the house). They had been saying their goodbyes when the mood had changed. Fraser hadn't been sure if there was any special cultural significance in the way you kissed you a dragon. He'd flicked his tongue whilst thinking about it and licked his bottom lip. Apparently this did have cultural significance as the next thing he remembered was being kissed by Ray.

Except kissing Ray wasn't like kissing a human, not that Fraser had kissed many of those if he were honest. Fraser had felt Ray's lips, his skin, getting warm. It had created an odd warm sensation in his stomach. The sensation had intensified when Ray had parted his lips slightly and had breathed fire into Fraser through their kiss.

It wasn't actual fire but some sort of dragon fire that was used when they kissed somebody Ray had explained later. Fraser had felt the warmth rush down his body like, well a fire. It was an addictive feeling because his response had been to try and encourage Ray to do it again. He'd dipped his tongue into Ray's mouth to see if he could find a source for it.

Ray had obliged by giving Fraser another fire kiss. This one had spread throughout his body, almost as if his skin was burning but in the most pleasant way. It had been arousing, warming, and emotionally fulfilling. Fraser could have burned all over and not cared. Ray, however, had had more restraint.

“I don't want to set you on fire, Benny,” He'd said. “We have to take this slowly.”

Fraser hadn't quite understood at the time but he had acquiesced. When he and Ray had parted he'd noticed his skin had in fact been glowing rather strangely. Once it had faded Fraser hadn't thought much about it. That was until he'd set his pillow on fire, which Ray later explained was a residual effect.

It had left Fraser wondering just what residual effects they would have after tonight. It was partly why he had agreed it was logical for them both to make love in Ray's home rather than the more flammable surroundings of Fraser's apartment building. A few of his neighbours had noticed the scorch marks outside his apartment where he had Ray had kissed, and had remarked on them.

Relaxing a little Fraser lay back, still sitting up in bed. He was naked and had felt a little self conscious, which was why the sheet was pooled around his waist. He knew Ray wouldn't mind, well, he hoped he wouldn't. He also assumed Ray would look like any other man in human form, at least when it came to his...more intimate areas.

As for Ray himself he was just making sure that the rest of family weren't going to disturb them. Fraser had had a few of the fiery kisses he loved so much before a thud outside the room had sent Ray into dragon form to berate his sister. Fraser was wondering what had happened.

At that moment Ray opened the door. He was the same green silk dressing gown Fraser was sure Ray had ripped when shifting form earlier. Perhaps he was mistaken.

“Sorry, Benny,” Ray said, apologetically as he wandered over to the bed. “Frannie wanted to know if she could have you after.”

“Have me?” Fraser asked, puzzled.

“She's got this thing about having sex with humans,” Ray explained shrugging out of his dressing gown and placing it neatly on a hanger on the wardrobe. “I said you wouldn't be interested.”

As Ray turned back Fraser was more interesting in taking in how Ray looked. Oh yes Ray was just as perfect in human form as any man ever could be.

“No, I wouldn't be interested in your sister, flattering as her intentions might be,” Fraser said quietly. He was watching Ray as the beautiful human looking dragon got on the bed.

“That's what I said,” Ray replied, leaning forward for a kiss.

Fraser was happy to oblige. He was still slightly aroused by the earlier kisses, before they had been interrupted. Ray seemed to have missed their contact too. The fire felt a lot warmer this time. It was warm, relaxing. Fraser had never been one for sunbathing but this was heat he could bask in all day.

He didn't notice when Ray pulled the sheet off, there was no change in temperature to really register. His whole body was tingling all over. He found himself sliding down the bed so he was no longer sitting up but lying down, Ray a hot presence above him.

Then Ray stopped kissing him and Fraser was almost disappointed, He was sure he would eventually get a sexual release just from feeling that fire touch his lips. He could have been blushing but it was so warm he wasn't sure. Not that it was a humid warm, more a dry warm.

That same dry warm caused him to squirm as Ray blew on his skin. It was the warm feeling concentrated on one area. Fraser looked down at Ray breathing fire on his chest. There were actual flames. Yellow, warm...flames. Logically they should have been burning Fraser's skin, but they weren't. Fraser saw them briefly dance on his skin and then disappear.

Ray experimented with this on several different areas, trying to hit Fraser's hotspots as it were. It worked, oh boy how it worked. Those flames dancing across his skin were very pleasurable for Fraser. It was so strange to get goose pimples from the application of fire, but that was what it was. Each little fire breath was touching Fraser on the skin, as if a thousand tiny warm, dry tongues were concentrated on the area.

The fire lingered on Fraser's nipples until Ray blew again and blew it out. The contrast between the fire and the surprisingly cool breath Ray used to extinguish it was so surprising Fraser arched himself off the bed slightly. Ray seemed to be taking special delight in teasing his human lover.

They carried one with small fire breaths for a few more minutes as Ray headed down Fraser's body. Never had Fraser felt so exposed before, after-all here was a fire breathing dragon. Yet his whole body cried out for more of that fire. Ray had a wicked gleam in his eye as he breathed lightly on Fraser's cock, allowing flames to lightly dance across the tip.

Fraser had thought the concentrated flames elsewhere were arousing but Ray had completely surprised him. It was the sensation of warm hands touching, warm tongues stroking. Then impossibly Ray did it again, the flames lingering longer. Fraser looked down to see his cock look like a torch before the flames vanished once more.

He touched Ray's shoulders, Ray still felt human, solid. Ray was now leaning over Fraser's cock, his mouth open. He let loose more fire, this time even more intense as the position meant that the flames travelled travelled right along Fraser's cock's length. Fraser couldn't take much more, he was sure.

To his surprise Ray stopped. Ray leaned over to the beside cabinet and pulled out a strange looking clear tube. The contents appeared to be golden, and looked as if it was glowing, like fire. It reminded Fraser of lubrication. Was that what Ray was suggesting?

“If you want,” Ray whispered, his voice sounding hoarse.

Fraser nodded, not trusting himself to answer without sounding hoarse, and perhaps a little desperate, himself. He pulled his knees up allowing Ray access.

Ray took the top off the tube and squeezed some of the contents on his finger. It looked as if flames were suspended in some sort of jelly Fraser mused, but he didn't have much time to think further about it as Ray touched his anus with the coated fingers. It was fire. It wasn't as intense as Ray's own, but it was definitely warm. Fraser hummed as he felt the fire surround him, relaxing him, preparing him.

He kept his eyes open, watching as Ray smeared a little of the fire lube on his own organ. It wasn't much but perhaps dragons didn't need that much. He had little time to wonder further as he wrapped his legs around his waist and Ray slowed pushed inside.

Fraser could feel the fire move deeper inside him as Ray did. It warmed him and seemed only to increase his own arousal. Ray paused and looked at Fraser, their bodies joined, He leaned down and gave Fraser another fire kiss, the warmth now spreading through Fraser's body again. Then Ray began to move.

Ray was slow at first, perhaps unsure about making love to a human, but Fraser encouraged Ray in deeper. With each stroke Fraser was sure they glowed a little brighter, his skin now one more taking on a glow, this time almost as if he were creating flames just beneath the surface of his skin. Then he saw them leap out of him and bathe his whole body with fire.

Ray's thrusts were faster now, his eyes becoming a deeper, brighter green. Fraser wrapped his arms around Ray and felt the skin under his hands shift briefly to warm, soft scales. Out of the corner of his eyes he was sure he saw a tail.

Not that it mattered they were so close now. The flames becoming white, white hot. Yet all Fraser wasn't burning, not in that sense. Inside he could feel fire course through him, feel Ray's touch in every part of him. Fraser was white hot, his vision obscured by the glow. He was sure Ray's face had scales as Ray came inside him. The glowing was at it's peak and Fraser came as Ray collapsed on top of him. Slowly the glow began to fade.

Fraser panted as they recovered. Gently Ray stirred and pulled out of Fraser. The immediate sensation of warmth was gone, but there was still warmth there. Fraser still had fire in his body, he could feel it. Was this what being in love with a dragon entailed? Fraser didn't mind, he was warm, content, and sated. He closed his eyes and dreamed of green scaled dragons and their fire.

When he woke the next morning Ray was already awake, spooned in behind him.

“Morning, Benny,” Ray said, breathing a little fire on Fraser's ear.

Fraser turned around to face Ray. “Good morning, Ray.” He looked at the sheets and the pillow. He wondered if he hadn't dreamt it.

Ray chuckled. “Don't worry, Benny, everything in here is fireproof. Including you.” Ray sounded surprised.

“Is that unusual?” Fraser asked, admiring the emerald depths of Ray's eyes.

“Yeah only one in a thousand humans can do what we did. Even then I mean we went a lot further than most dragon/human couples go,” Ray said, caressing Fraser's arm.

“We did?” Fraser was surprised, and at the same time grateful. It had been a very intense experience.

Ray kissed him, as always a fire kiss but this time Fraser felt a sensation in his stomach and he found that he was feeling fire moving in himself, moving upward to meet Ray's and mingle with it. The combined sensation was so intense he pulled back.

“Ray?” Fraser wasn't sure what had just happened.

Ray was grinning. “Human mates to dragons usually end up being able to do that, at least to the dragon they're mated with.”

Fraser digested the information carefully. “I see. I won't accidentally set things on fire will I, Ray?”

Ray caressed Fraser's cheek. “You might end up setting a few things on fire, Benny. But the more you practice you have the better you'll get at controlling it.”

Fraser initiated the kiss time, reaching down ad purposefully pulling the fire up from himself and sending it across to Ray, getting a healthy dose of Ray's fire in return. “Should I start practising now, Ray?” Fraser asked.

“I think you should, Benny,” Ray replied, rolling on top of Fraser.

Fraser was very glad Ray had flame retardant sheets. He had a funny feeling they were going to come in very handy. He'd ask Ray about the scales that had appeared on his inner thighs later. After-all right now all he wanted to feel was the fire they could create together.

Date: 2008-08-29 09:23 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] zabira.livejournal.com
HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! OMG, aingeal! you WENT ALL THE WAY with the visual. you WIN at whimsy. &hearts

Date: 2008-08-29 06:10 pm (UTC)
catwalksalone: (ds team whimsy dragon!vecchio)
From: [personal profile] catwalksalone
Woman, you are quite, quite insane. And I mean that in the good way. To think my little dragon Vecchio inspired all this fire and hotness ...

Date: 2008-09-24 11:56 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] 0not-just-me0.livejournal.com
Cat's right -- you're totally insane.
Thank the gods.
Sexy dragons... who knew?
**squishes you and your crazy brain**

Date: 2008-09-24 03:05 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] nakeisha.livejournal.com

Just *fans self*

Oh, yes, I echo the 'win at whimsy' it was made for you

Love it.

Date: 2008-09-25 12:47 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] nakeisha.livejournal.com

*Nods* Indeed - that's perfect.



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