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HI! You know what we need? We need a CHEER. What do you mean I've been watching Bring It On too many times? (You would be so, so right.)

Anyway, here, stolen from the best cheerleading film EVER and warped for our purposes, I present to you the

We sparkle, we shine,
We write our fic on time.

We’re pretty, we’re smart,
We have great banner art (*ahem*)

We’re glitter, we’re glue,
We’re coming after you.

We’re such a good catch,
We’ll dominate this match.

Who are we? Just guess,
You think you’ll pass the test?

We’re rockin’, we’re cool,
Bet on us in the pool.

We’re witty, we’re quick,
We really make you sick!

We’re ditzy, we’re hot,
We’re gonna win the lot.

We write and we cheer,
You know our boys are queer.
You love us coz we're whimsical,
And make your days shine brighter.
......we're Team Whimsy!
..... we are Team Whimsy!

Roll Call
Captain Zabira,
Here’s Spuffyduds,
And little Aingeal.

Dudes, it’s Dess.
And st-st-st-Stars

Here’s a half-umbrella,
And sly fox Sli.
Meow, it’s eCat,
And numbered Alex.

Just call me cat,
And don’t forget those back-ups.

It’s Missy Z,
With Captain Spork.
And our Captain’s still Z.

We scribble, we fic,
We know what makes you tick.

The votes will come in,
And one team has to win.

We’re flaily, we’re fun
We will be number one.

Kick it Team Whimsy, T-T-Team Whimsy,

We’re strong and we’re loud,
We’re gonna make you proud.

We’re T-Team Whimsy,
Your T-Team Whimsy!

Let's go Whimsy,
We are Team Whimsy,
The mighty, mighty Whimsy.

We're so...terrific....we must be Whimsy!

And now I'm going to go and get drunk. -Er. Drunker.
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