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For the bonus-fic writers, and another for Spuff that I forgot I'd made. :)

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With a little (desperately needed) help from [livejournal.com profile] sdwolfpup and our very own [livejournal.com profile] catwalksalone, who saved me from my woeful lack of artistic skillz. \sdw/\ &hearts /\cat/

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Okay so 2387 words still counts as a pornlet right? I mean there is porn in it, there really is. And it's dragon related porn...sorta. If you read it you will find out. To say more would spoil it.

Anyway it's F/V. It's NC-17 for obvious reasons. There are possibly a few typos and grammatical mistakes as it was written tonight in about two hours. Some possible sap at the very end.

I'm not sure about the title. My other options include Fire Breathing Cops and Burning Up the Bed. But those made me groan.

Enjoy! *points to icon*

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I wrote two fics for this, but the other one is the one that jumped all over me. So I'm giving you my cracky fic, with hugs and sparkles for all of you because you are all so amazing.
Thanks, Torra, for all your input and suggestions. You were brilliant helping me with this.

No porn, there's always language, there's even swearing. K/V. I'm a little weirded out that I wrote two K/V fic, and I doubt it will ever happen again.

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Okay, first off: How much does this team rock? Because I think it totally rocks! We are so gonna win this thing! (See, Caers? This team rocks so much, it even taught me where to put the o instead of the u!)

Well, we have a day or two of lull before the big postings start, so I thought we might want some more "Yay! We Still Rock" events in between. The Pornlets are still going on ::pokes everyone else::, but with Z's permission, I thought I might start something else to run at the same time.

So without further ado, we have our very own Drabble Tree Of Ultimate Whimsy! It'll run from Noon Today (Wednesday PST) until Noon Friday (PST). Rules are simple:
  • Each new drabble (of whatever length, we aren't gonna be a stickler about this, after all, it's about whimsy!) needs to quote a line from a previous drabble. Full sentences, or even just fragments of one, are fine for inspiration.
  • Be sure you reply directly to the drabble that you were inspired by, and put the quoted words into your subject line.
  • Drabbles can be about anything, and do not need to be related in anyway to any other drabble being posted, just go where the Whimsy takes you!

And so to start you off, Let The Drabble Tree of Ultimate Whimsy Commence! )

Whimsy For The Win!  \drabbles/

ETA: Drabble tree is now closed. Thank you guys! So much fun! ::tosses sprkels:: The drabbles can be read in the comments.

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Okay, so apprently I compleatly suck at writing you guys a simple PWP! ::LOL!:: I don't know what happend, I was just gunna write a bit of Whimsy Porn for the "We Rock! Deadline Approching!" celibration, and instead I ended up with...this. There is some sex in it, but not quite what I was going for, and somehow plot got involved...

Anyhow, I tried. No time to beta it, as we're all in the deadline rush (OMG three days!!), so all it's had is a spellcheck (but with me, that's not say'n much, sorry). But I did wanna do something for the Whacked-Out Porn for Beta Week. So here ya go, I hope it came out okay anyhow.

'Debts' | F/K | ~2,200 Words | Demon!Sex )

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Because Team Whimsy is the most awesome. Edit: If you use them, credit Team Whimsy because they were created in group chat. Thanks!




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Remember how last year the wonderful [livejournal.com profile] sdwolfpup made movie trailers for each team? She's done it again!!! *glees like crazy* Here is her offering for Team Whimsy:

Team Whimsy - Mountchanted
File size & type: 29 MB DivX AVI
Music: Enchanted movie trailer
Source: Seasons 1 & 2
Vid by: SDWolfpup
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HI! You know what we need? We need a CHEER. What do you mean I've been watching Bring It On too many times? (You would be so, so right.)

Anyway, here, stolen from the best cheerleading film EVER and warped for our purposes, I present to you the TEAM WHIMSY CHEER! )

And now I'm going to go and get drunk. -Er. Drunker.
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We here at Whimsy labs are working overtime so that you will have many pages of MAGICAL fic when this challenge is done.

Some of our experiments have escaped their carefully guarded containment fields, and exploded in a shower of pixie dust. Poor, mundane Reality has received an extra helping of WHIMSY this week:

Potion #1
Potion #2
Potion #3
Potion #4
Potion #5
Potion #6
Potion #7
Potion #8
Potion #9
Potion #10
Potion #11
Potion #12
Potion #13
Potion #14
Potion #15
Potion #16
Potion #17

The enchantment will continue! Watch [livejournal.com profile] ds_team_root and [livejournal.com profile] ds_flashfiction for further developments.


Jul. 18th, 2008 10:56 am
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Hopefully this is still allowed...? But I was super-busy before the team sign-ups and so while I had brief moments to admire the icons in the icon challenge, I didn't have the time to actually contribute any. Or any real skill, but that's not important at this juncture. *g*

And then [livejournal.com profile] alex51324 remarked in the comments here that we have no whimsical!Turtle icons, and you know, that's just not right.

so I made some - want, take, have )
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Just in case anyone needs a little ficcish inspiration, I thought it would be fun to compile all of our recs from the intro post into a small, whimsical library.

This is a long and glorious and sparkly list, but I know for a fact that it barely scratches the surface on whimsical fic in this fandom, so if you think of anything you'd like to add, please do so in comments.

Due South is WHIMSY )
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Um, hi. *waves* (Z, this is OK, right?)

I wanted to make these icons for the contest but I couldn't until the banner was revealed. So now I have. (Obvious cat is obvious.) Please take if you would like to. Neither Dragon!Vecchio nor Big!Bad!Dief bite, I promise. And Fairy!Kowalski will only stomp you with his boots if you WANT him to.

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Signing up for Team Whimsy:

Part of the joy of Due South is that it often features elements that are, shall we say, somewhat outside the average person's experience. (And not just because tall, handsome Mounties very rarely show up at our doors, chastise us patiently, and then tip their hats and proceed to help us save ourselves. More's the pity.) What better way to celebrate that touch of the extra-natural than with whimsical stories?

Ghosts, magic, super-senses, talking animals, closets that open up to be cabins... and those are just the things that canon gives us. Then we have wacky AUs! Genderfuck! Bodyswap! Bodyswapped genderfuck! Fairy tales, myths, leaps of logic, strange coincidences, the flash of not-quite-normal that you catch out of the corner of your eye. Whimsy gives you the power to shape the world as you will--keep the elements you like and shift the rest, bring our boys together or keep them apart, give them wings or give them--literally!--feet of clay.

That's Team Whimsy.

Feel like waving your wand over a story like that? Wonderful! Read on...

[livejournal.com profile] zabira is your team captain and there are 13 places open. Positions are filled on a first-come, first-served basis, and you can sign up yourself and only one other person. If you are signing someone else up, please do so in a SEPARATE comment. ALL writers must have written a fic of at least 1000 words (in any fandom) to be eligible to sign up.

We will mark the cut-off point in the comments when the team is full. We invite anyone who would like to join the team as an alternate/in order to write backup fic to please comment on the Backup Writer Signup Post, which will go live at 1 pm at [livejournal.com profile] ds_flashfiction.

All set? All right! To join Team Whimsy, please comment below with your LJ name and email address. Thank you!! :D


OMG! That was the fastest something in the west! *is stunned* Go, you guys!!!
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YAY, TEAM WHIMSY!!! *waves pom-poms around hysterically*

I'm so excited that this train has finally left the station, and I swear we have the most fabulous team ever invented. We are going to crush Reality with our magical powers!

Prompts go out next Monday, July 14th, and I have a bunch of (hopefully fun) things to keep us occupied until then. I'm going to be spamming you with polls and posts over the next few days, but for now, I just wanted to say HELLO! WELCOME! HOORAY! *more pom-poms*

I think we should start with a little getting-to-know-you party. (Yeah, I'm shameless. I stole the idea from last year.)

Who are you people? )

Okay, that's about all I've got this afternoon.

OH! And I encourage you (if you haven't already) to go and snag some of the delightful Team Whimsy icons that were made for the Icon Challenge. Don't forget to let the icon-makers know just how fabulous they are! The Team Whimsy icons won that challenge in an almost ridiculous landslide. \o/
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